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London Fields (2018) *BDRip* - PSYCHD

Post by unusual » March 15th 2019 - 3:47 am


Stunning psychic Nicola Six has supernatural abilities. She's a bona fide clairvoyant. As a result, she can see future occurrences, both good and bad. She's had the unsettling foreboding of her upcoming death via murder for a while. Armed with this disturbing knowledge, she enters romantic dalliances with three individuals. These men all possess very distinct personalities. While she's involved in these brand new relationships, she's fully aware that one of the men is eventually going to be responsible for her death.

Code: Select all

                                          oooo              .o8  
                                          `888             "888  
oo.ooooo.   .oooo.o oooo    ooo  .ooooo.   888 .oo.    .oooo888  
 888' `88b d88(  "8  `88.  .8'  d88' `"Y8  888P"Y88b  d88' `888  
 888   888 `"Y88b.    `88..8'   888        888   888  888   888  
 888   888 o.  )88b    `888'    888   .o8  888   888  888   888  
 888bod8P' 8""888P'     .8'     `Y8bod8P' o888o o888o `Y8bod88P" 
 888                .o..P'                                       
o888o               `Y8P'                                      


Date..............: 03/2019


Runtime...........: 01:47:54

Video.............: 720x302 / 23.976fps / CRF 19

"Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end."

Image Image
Image Image

London.Fields.(2018).BDRip.x264-PSYCHD.mkv  [646.49 Mb]

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