Famed mathematician claims proof of 160-year-old Riemann hypothesis

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Famed mathematician claims proof of 160-year-old Riemann hypothesis

Post by 0xA110C » September 26th 2018 - 9:15 pm

Famed mathematician claims proof of 160-year-old Riemann hypothesis
One of the most important unsolved problems in mathematics may have been solved, retired mathematician Michael Atiyah is set to claim on Monday. In a talk at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany, Atiyah will present what he refers to as a “simple proof” of the Riemann hypothesis, a problem which has eluded mathematicians for almost 160 years.

Born in 1929, Atiyah is one of the UK’s most eminent mathematical figures, having received the two awards often referred to as the Nobel prizes of mathematics, the Fields medal and the Abel Prize. He also, at various times, served as president of the London Mathematical Society, the Royal Society and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

If a solution to the Riemann hypothesis is confirmed, it would be big news. Among other things, the hypothesis is intimately connected to the distribution of prime numbers, those indivisible by any whole number other than themselves and one. If the hypothesis is proven to be correct, mathematicians would be armed with a map to the location of all such prime numbers, a breakthrough with far-reaching repercussions in the field.
Source: https://www.newscientist.com/article/21 ... hypothesis

Here is links to the paper and the Lecture video:

2018-The_Riemann_Hypothesis.pdf  [211.5 Kb]

Lecture-Monday.September.24.2018-Sir.Michael.Atiyah.mp4  [608.58 Mb]

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