Savage Garden - Superstars And Cannonballs [2000] DVDR

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Savage Garden - Superstars And Cannonballs [2000] DVDR

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Savage Garden, Australia's hottest export of recent years, are captured here in all their live glory as they hit their hometown of Brisbane in a triumphant sell-out homecoming gig. There is a fair amount of behind-the-scenes footage which serves to back up the roles that the two members of the band have adopted: singer Darren is the outgoing excitable one, attracted like a moth to a flame by the trappings of celebrity, whereas guitarist Daniel is the private and shy one, preferring to stay out of the limelight and just write songs. But with millions of records sold all around the world, sell-out tours, hysterical fans and a string of chart-topping singles, this unlikely pairing proves the old adage that opposites attract. All the hits are here--"To the Moon and Back", "Affirmation", "Truly, Madly Deeply", "The Animal Song" and others--but after a while the visuals do become very samey: with only two of them to look at, and one of them tending to stray away from the spotlight at every available opportunity, the poor cameramen don't have many options. The backdrop to the concert is a huge wall of multi-coloured blocks of lights, apparently based on memories of a trip to Blackpool (but without the rain, chip wrappers and drunken brawls, sadly). It's all very polished, and just a little bit sterile as it fails to recreate the atmosphere of the live experience. However, for those who were there it's a great lasting reminder. The DVD menu allows the viewer to choose multiple camera angles on a select number of tracks. --Helen Marquis
Video Description
Songs Featured:
1. The Best Thing
2. Break Me Shake Me
3. To The Moon & Back
4. The Lover After Me
5. I Don't Know You Anymore
6. Santa Monica
7. Two Beds And A Coffee Machine.
8. You Can Still Be Free
9. The Animal Song
10. Hold Me
11. Gunning Down Romance
12. Crash And Burn
13. Truly Madly Deeply
14. Chained To You
15. I Want You
16. I Knew I Loved You
17. Affirmation

Rip Notes

Ripped with DVD FAB
Re-Encode with DVD-Rebuilder (CCE)
Extra's compressed, but included for completeness.
Average Bitrate 3,200Kbps (main feature)

Savage_Garden_Superstars_And_Cannonballs_DVDR.iso  [4.33 Gb]

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Re: Savage Garden - Superstars And Cannonballs [2000] DVDR

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thank so much

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