Best ways to Deny Computer Hackers ! 3 Effective Methods !

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Best ways to Deny Computer Hackers ! 3 Effective Methods !

Post by ishigo31 » May 23rd 2009 - 12:04 am

Best ways to Deny Computer Hackers ! 3 Effective Methods !

Today I’m going to write about how to deny access to the most 3 important elements of data in a computer to a hacker. these three methods use free/commercial applications. its highly effective and focuses on a defensive strategy than a proactive strategy.

1.Denying access to files to an hacker

As we all know its very easy to get yourself infected with a trojan. Once a hacker gains access to your system he can basically go through all your drives & files and will have the ability to modify/delete data. in order to protect your files you can use a application called ‘Folder Lock’ its an revolutionary application that can deny access to the files you locked to any of the trojan available to the hackers. I have tested with the most widely used and popular Trojans such as Poison Ivy, Bifrost, Bandook, Nuclear RAT, Pain RAT, Shark, etc.. I infected my computer with a Trojan and tested it out. here is the results,
I’m locking A Folder called Reverse Engineering in E:\ Drive


I infected myself with Bifrost(Trojan).. and Look the bifrost file manager can’t pick up the folder once its securely locked.


As you can see the Folder “Reverse Engineering” is not visible to the trojan.
2. Denying access to keystrokes a.k.a Keyloggers
Keyloggers have a long history and so does people who lost their logins and passwords. these are piece of applications that can steal your keystrokes (Passwords & login information) and pass them to a hacker. the best way to defend from a keylogger is to have a anti-virus installed. but adding an extra layer of security you can use this following method. you need this application called KeyScrambler. its an application which scrambles/encrypts all your keystrokes real time.
Ok I enabled the Real time Key logging option in my trojan. so it records all the keystrokes as its typed

Here is what happens when I try to login to My Bank account (of course the logins are fake for demonstration purposes..hehe)
My Login : Maxguy
Password: maxguy123


Och.. My login is stolen :-[
Now lets see what happens when I enable Key scrambler premium. it encrypts the login data real time..


There is a free lite version of this application is available. But I’m using a premium version which encrypts everything you type.. its a very good investment if you ask me. make sure you buy the software and support the coder.
3. Denying access to the SAVED PASSWORDS in browsers & system to Hackers
Every internet user knows how hard it is to memorize all the passwords for every website. facebook, yahoo, hotmail, forums.. you name it. as a security measure we all know we can’t have the same password for every site. so what we do ? we save the password in the browser. so every time we go to the site it automatically logs us in ? rite ? wrong… guess why ? most of the Trojans equipped with a password stealer. its a module that grabs the saved passwords from browser cache like firefox, internet explorer.. etc..
I have used a Password grabber (Credits to Aphex & Italian Family) to demonstrate how a grabber can grab/steal your saved passwords. (I have blocked some of my logins for privacy issues and I don’t have any of my important logins saved in the cache)


So as you can see its a click away from you losing your entire logins to a hacker. ok so how to deny this ? for that there is an application called ‘Roboform’ its a password manager works with browsers. you can use it with firefox & Internet explorer.. once installed each time you login to a site it saves the login to its encrypted file. and then when you login again all you have to do is simply click the name of the site and your logins will be automatically filled. it even submits !
Ok lets say I want to login to my facebook account


Roboform Enabled. it fills and even submits my login. I don’t have to memorize my login details & of course its secured from being sniffed by a Packet sniffer or a keylogger


Pretty cool eh ? make sure you clear your cache and don’t save the passwords !
I hope you guys find this paper helpful. Please google if you want to download any of the programs explained in this paper..
Remember : There are two types of encryption: one that will prevent your sister from reading your diary and one that will prevent your government - Bruce Schneier
Paper Written by Maxguy


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Re: Best ways to Deny Computer Hackers ! 3 Effective Methods !

Post by dcyel » May 23rd 2009 - 12:13 am

Very useful. Thanks :thumbup2:

But yer government will still see what you are sharing im afraid :hippy:

They don't even have to go to the pain to infect you with a trojan. There are other ways.

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