Hugo Van Lawick – Wildlife Collection (2009) DVD9 PAL

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Hugo Van Lawick – Wildlife Collection (2009) DVD9 PAL

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Hugo Van Lawick – Wildlife Collection (2009) DVD9 PAL
Collection of 7 Volumes (first 3 volumes posted here)

:: Synopsis ::
Hugo van Lawick was born in 1937 in the Dutch East Indies
and became one of nature's most famous filmmakers in the Netherlands.
He has done in his life more than forty films, wrote seven books and has won eight Emmy awards.
Early Hugo Van Lawick developed a great love for animals
and very young he knew he wanted to be a natural filmmaker.
He spent more than three decades of work around the vast grasslands of the African Serengeti.
From his camp was always looking for stories of unusual
animals that exist in the Serengeti, and then, trying to capture it on film.
His films are of great drama and always focusing on the individuality of the animals.
This fantastic collection brings together seven films Hugo Van Lawick most beloved,
the highlights of his work, plus bonuses and short films.
The collection is a gold mine of information about
the flora and fauna of East Africa, filmed just as Hugo Van Lawick could.

:: Sinopse ::
Hugo van Lawick nasceu em 1937 no Índias Orientais Holandesas e
tornou-se num dos cineastas mais famosos da natureza na Holanda.
Ele fez na sua vida mais de quarenta filmes, escreveu sete livros e ganhou oito prêmios Emmy.
Cedo Hugo Van Lawick desenvolveu um grande amor
por animais e ainda muito jovem sabia que queria ser cineasta natural.
Passou mais de três décadas de trabalho em torno das vastas pradarias africanas do Serengeti.
De seu acampamento estava sempre à procura de histórias de
animais incomuns que existem no Serengeti e, de seguida, tentava capturar isso em filme.
Os seus filmes revestem-se de um grande dramatismo e sempre com foco na individualidade dos animais.
Esta fantástica colecção reúne 7 de filmes Hugo Van Lawick mais amados,
os destaques de sua obra, além de bónus e curtas-metragens.
A colecção é uma mina de ouro de informações sobre a flora e a fauna da África Oriental,
filmado apenas como Hugo Van Lawick podia.

Serengeti Symphony (1998 - 80 min)

Playing in Savage Paradise (2000 - 50 min)

Elephants of Kilimanjaro (2009 - 45 min)

Other Volumes:
Addo – The African King (2002 - 75 min)
Cheetah Family (1999 - 55 min)
Monkey Hunters (2009 - 45 min)
Forest People (1988 - 90 min)

:: Extras ::
The Waiting Game (on volume 1)
My Backyard: The Serengeti (on volume 2)
Tarangire (on volume 3)

:: Country ::

:: Info ::
Number of Disks: 7 (first 3 volumes posted here)
Total Runtime: 440 minutes (7 Volumes)
Genre: Documentary / Nature
Spoken Languages: English, French, Italian, Castellano and Dutch (only on Volume 2 & 3)
Subtitles: English, French, Italian, Castellano, Portuguese and Dutch (only on Volume 2 & 3)
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Video: 1.78:1 Anamorphic

::Wikipedia (EN)

:: Directors ::
Hugo Van Lawick (Volume 1 & 2)
Caroline Brett (Volume 3)

:: Writers ::
Michael Olmert (Volume 1)
Allan Miller (Volume 2)
Caroline Brett (Volume 3)

:: Software Used ::
AnyDVD (Copy 1:1 / Full DVD9)

:: Links ed2k ::

Serengeti.Symphony.1998.DVD9.iso  [5.07 Gb]


DVD2  [5.69 Gb]


Elephants.of.Kilimanjaro.2009.DVD9.iso  [5.50 Gb]


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