Worms Revolution Update 5-BAT

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Worms Revolution Update 5-BAT

Post by drcoolmor » March 20th 2013 - 6:43 am


BAT with a new update for Worms Revolution, only if you missed the COGENT one… Changelogs.

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    Update 5:
    - A.I. team customisation! You can now create your own custom A.I. teams to play against! Simply select ‘A.I. Teams’ from the Customisation menu. Here you can create a new A.I. type, after you’ve given them a name choose ‘Select A.I. Team’ to bring up the customisation options where you can alter their formation and uniform!
    - Text chat improvements. Players are now able to communicate within the lobby as well as in-game. We’ve improved the font used. To bring up the text chat press the tilde key and to close press the home key.
    - Stats tracking. Track your statistics as a player, either for your formations or for your individual worms. Track your kills, damage dealt, worms lost, damage received etc. To view your stats select ‘My Formations’ from the Customisation menu, here you’ll be able to see Overall Statistics and Formation Statistics. Want to find out which worms are pulling their weight? Select a formation and then choose ‘Manage’, from here when you highlight a worm, you’ll see their individual stats.
    - Czech language support. Please note that Worms Revolution will display in the language your Steam account is set to (where supported).
    - Other bug fixes and improvements to game performance
    Update 4:
    - Santa has visited the worms! Time-exclusive customisations are now active.
    - Fix for saving further worms purchased after the initial 4 for all classes
    - Dynamic water should now appear correctly on certain graphics setups
    - The cost of Sentry Gun has been increased from 30 to 50 coins
    This will update your game to show the version number as #103 in the Main Menu.
    Update 3:
    New features:
    - Bigger Formation Sizes! You can now have up to 8 worms on a team at once in local and online matches. In 2 player matches, players can have up to 8 worms each; in 3 player matches, players can have up to 5 worms each, and in 4 player matches, players can have up to 4 worms each.
    - Accessorise! Worms can now wear up to 3 accessories at once. These are grouped into: Glasses, Moustaches and Hats.
    - More Customisation. You can now customise your game settings with new options - You can change the Hot Seat time, water rise rate in Sudden Death mode and amount of Jetpack fuel, as well as making the landscape indestructible in the Game Options menu. You can also change the maximum number of crates spawned per turn in the Object Options menu when creating game settings.
    - Landscape Editor Improvements. Players can now modify up to 3 different background layers on the Landscape Editor. When using the Brush or Fill tool, press 'B' to cycle through the different layers.
    - Physics objects now have the chance to start matches with differing amounts of damage.
    Bug fixes:
    - The parachute should now be more intelligent when deciding when to close.
    - Fixed a crash that would occur the very first time you loaded Worms Revolution if you didn't have a save file present.
    - Fixed some keyboard navigation issues on the Landscape Editor.
    - Fixed some keyboard navigation issues on the Search Results menu.
    Update 2:
    - Fixed an issue so now all Player Profiles can use a control pad
    - Implemented the ability to use multiple control pads in local games (if more than 2 controllers are connected, players can assign each Player Profile to a controller upon adding that player to a lobby)
    - Keybindings are now saved individually for each profile
    - Fixed an issue that was stopping some cards from being able to alter the Water Complexity settings
    - Fixed an issue where landscape objects would disappear from custom maps
    - Fixed an issue where old custom game settings would be deleted when creating new ones
    Update 1:
    - Player Profiles added in. To create a new Player Profile select the option within the Customisation menu. Each profile will have their own single player progress and team customisations.
    - Implemented the ability to change the quality of shadows and turn them off
    - Fixed an issue with the map generator
    - Fixed an issue with the Girder Restriction 'Off' setting
    - Fixed an issue which occurred in the text chat box after rebinding certain keys
    - Fixed an issue which occurred when trying to mute players whilst a game was in progress
    - Fixed an issue with some shadows appearing stripy on certain graphics cards
    - Ninja Rope auto-hop has been improved 
NUKE >> Worms.Revolution.Update.5-BAT >> dupe.COGENT.2013-03-09

Publisher: Team17
Developer: Team17
Genre: Strategy

Worms.Revolution.Update.5-BAT.rar  [426.74 Mb]

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Re: Worms Revolution Update 5-BAT

Post by redback33 » March 20th 2013 - 11:09 am

Thanks drcoolmor.. :jrc:

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