ImagineFX July 2013

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Cybernetic Organism

ImagineFX July 2013

Post by Cybernetic Organism » November 17th 2012 - 3:40 pm

For over 20 years, Blizzard Entertainment has pushed the boundaries of contemporary video game design with their immensely popular titles including Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo.

We are thrilled to present to you an exclusive insight into Blizzard's Fine Arts Project; a unique gathering of the world's greatest contemporary fantasy artists creating their own visions of the Blizzard universe. This month, legends including Alex Horely, Todd Lockwood, Alex Ross and Syd Mead share their experiences and showcase the incredible pieces of art produced for the project. The incredible Glenn Rane painted our beautiful cover, featuring a sorceress from the Warcraft universe.
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