Ghost In The Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface

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Ghost In The Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface

Post by ishigo31 » June 6th 2009 - 11:59 pm

Ghost In The Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface


Year: 1997
Volumes 1
Chapters 11
Categories: Action, Androids, Mecha, SciFi
Artist: Masamune Shirow
Publisher: Dark Horse
Extras: Prologue, Epilogue, Inactive Module and Pamphlet.
Comments: Thanks to nyhc518 who originally uploaded the torrent.


Taking place a few years after the first Ghost In The Shell manga. The Major has been missing since then and Ghost in the Shell 2 follows the mysterious Motoko Aramaki as she runs an investigation into a incident at an organ factory and it's consequences. she's on the run to clean up the mess and save herself in the process Meanwhile the former members of section 9 investigate Motoko to find out who she really is.


Chapter 00 - Epilogue.rar  [6.43 Mb]
Chapter 00 - Inactive Module.rar  [2.37 Mb]
Chapter 00 - Pamflet.rar  [2.25 Mb]

Chapter 01.rar  [15.30 Mb]
Chapter 02.rar  [13.40 Mb]
Chapter 03.rar  [13.67 Mb]
Chapter 04.rar  [13.67 Mb]
Chapter 05.rar  [14.13 Mb]
Chapter 06.rar  [13.89 Mb]
Chapter 07.rar  [14.48 Mb]
Chapter 08.rar  [14.73 Mb]
Chapter 09.rar  [12.30 Mb]
Chapter 10.rar  [11.07 Mb]
Chapter 11.rar  [10.95 Mb]


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