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Post by drcoolmor » February 7th 2011 - 5:38 pm

SlingPlayer takes full advantage of the cutting-edge engineering inside the Slingbox.

Dissatisfied with the current state of streaming technology that offered grainy or jumpy video, the Sling Media Engineering Team developed a killer application called the SlingPlayer that takes full advantage of the cutting-edge engineering inside the Slingbox.

Our software works hand-in-hand with the hardware inside your Slingbox to make taking your television along with you easy. Better yet, the SlingPlayer encompasses several innovative features to bring your entire living room experience to your laptop (Mac or PC) or desktop (Mac or PC).

Finally you can easily watch and control your television wherever you are.


- Pentium IV 1GHz
- 256MB RAM
- 100MB Free Hard Disk Space
- Graphics Card (24-bit color)
- Sound Card (16-bit)
- CD-ROM Drive
- Ethernet Network Connectivity (wired, 802.11 a/b/g, or Powerline)
- Slingbox

SlingPlayer features :

- Improved video quality on the LAN: With each new release of SlingPlayer, Sling Media strives to improve viewing quality. Now users can set their home video quality by adjusting the SlingStream LAN video quality to match their particular computer and network conditions. Users can change these quality settings on the fly while streaming.
- Online Slingbox registration added; plus users can store their FinderID online for easy access.
- Improved Setup Wizard:
New setup and configuration screens are streamlined and easier to use.
Direct access to customer support via real time chat. Relax and let our tech supports set up your router for you!
- Volume control slider replaces the mute checkbox.
- Deeper support for routers with and without UPnP
- AutoUpdate at time of installation ensures users always install the latest software for their Slingbox. Helps reduce overall download size.
- Users can rapidly cycle between Fullscreen (4:3), Widescreen (16:9), Letterbox, Windowbox, Pillarbox and other window modes to find the best fit for their video content. Just click Alt + Shift + ] to see instant changes.
- Full-screen improvements: Application no longer exits full screen mode unexpectedly.
- Show/Hide player controls with one-click toggle. Just click once on the main player window to remove the controls when you aren't using them. Users can move and resize this "skinless" player window.
- Audio-only mode conserves bandwith when user is not watching video content.
- Audio Visualizations added to Audio-Only mode. WinAmp AVS support means that users can add their own visualizations. Go to the SlingPlayer Options Preferences tab to turn this feature on.
- Remote Control Improvements: SlingPlayer now works with remotes that support Microsoft Application keys. Now you can sit back and click on a real remote control to control SlingPlayer.
- Additional remote control support added for KISS, Viasat, Sagem, Kreatel, SA and other remote controls.
- SlingPlayer has a whole new look with the RedLine skin-just one more way to change the SlingPlayer to suit your tastes. With SlingCentral and other user contributed skins there are over 30 different skins available and more coming every month.
- Black and white video sources (non-color) now fully supported


SlingPlayer is licensed as Freeware for the Windows operating system / platform. SlingPlayer is provided as a free download for all software users (Freeware). ... ayer.shtml

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