Dziobas Rar Player Portable (Play Videos From RAR Files)

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Dziobas Rar Player Portable (Play Videos From RAR Files)

Post by Sons_Of_Liberty » March 15th 2009 - 7:12 pm

Play dvix/XviD movies from rar files.
This program play rar files that:
Method compression : store

Play dvd, mvk, avi, mpge, ogg, rar(forward), password rar (no forward)

Play all files without codecs. Play rar files without extracting.
Play AVI, MPGE, RMVB, OGG, MP3, RAR, MKV, MKA and some not popular
Subtitles support
Automatic download subtitles form using hash.
Image grabber function(generate thumnails)
More filters
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