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***Only movie releases with an horizontal resolution above 960pixels will be accepted in this section***
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HD & Display resolutions

Post by dukster64 » April 6th 2008 - 2:48 am

***Only movie releases with an horizontal resolution above 960pixels will be accepted in this section***

What is High Definition video ?

Simply put, it is a video that has a display resolution that's higher than standard video.
Let's look at it in practical terms : a standard commercial dvd has a resolution of 720 pixels horizontally & 480 vertically... this is fine for a standard CRT television set & is considered to be normal resolution.

So what about HD ? well, the same movie shot in HD would be displayed at a far greater resolution : either 1280x720 ( which is know as 720p ) or 1920x1080 ( which is known as either 108 i or 1080 p - see further down )

The total amount of pixels in each resolution is vastly different : this is what really separates HD from standard displays.
Because of the higher number of pixels, the image can contain a lot more information - this means the picture is clearer, sharper & has better colours.

Let's look at the HD standards in detail :

- 720p
720p means that 720 lines of pixels are used to create your TV picture. The p stands for progressive scanning, a technique that scans and displays all of the lines in one frame.

- 1080i

1,080 lines are used to create your TV picture, but the i stands for interlaced scanning. That means that half the lines are displayed in one frame, and the other half in the frame that follows.

- 1080p
1080p means 1,080 lines are used to create your TV picture — The best display so far !
The format is currently being used to produce Blu-ray or HD DVD discs.

In view of this, the phantom HD section only accepts video releases with an horizontal resolution of 960pixels & above.
Why 960 & not 1280 ( which would correspond to 720p, the first standard level of HD ) ? Because scene rules mean that some groups may choose to release HD contents at that resolution... yes, it's a step down for "real" HD, but we didn't want to be too strict in our rule set.

One more thing about scene releases. They are sometimes cropped vertically, meaning that a 720p releases may end up being 1280x??? instead of the standard 1280x720.
This is unfortunately not something we can control, but the video quality will not be affected ( since the areas cropped are generally the black bars above & below the picture )

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